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Golf - The beginning

Starting Out

For the person wishing to try out the game of golf, or who have already contracted the “Golf Disease”, several items are needed, like in any sport, in order to start playing and learning the game.

Clothing/Dress Sense

Although no expensive golf apparel is needed, usually all golf clubs and Teaching professionals require and prefer Smart-Casual dress etiquette. In this sense a common rule should apply – “No Jeans!” or armless shirts.  This is as much not to offend other golfers who have respect and common desire for the game as to uphold the prestige and heritage of the game.

 A good investment in starting golf is the purchase of a comfortable and preferably waterproof pair of golf shoes. Even though in the beginning, the majority of time will be spent on lessons and practicing, comfortable shoes designed for the stresses of the golf swing are needed, and then later on when moving onto the golf course, when a journey of 10 to 15 kilometres is not unusual, golf shoes will become imperative.


Whilst spending a lot of money on golf gear right in the beginning can appear to be a good investment, take note that some Golf Clubs are very expensive and the beginner does not need the most expensive and best clubs to start with.  Also, a specific brand of golf club may not be suitable for the individual concerned.  Therefore, consultation with a PGA qualified professional is imperative, not just to find the best golf equipment for you, but also to perhaps recommend “Custom Fitting”.  This is a way in which golf clubs can be “Tailor Made” to suit the golfer, and be aware that playing with the wrong kind of golf club, for example the length of it may be wrong for you, this provides a higher risk for injury later down the line such as back and spinal problems.


Lessons are an essential part of golf, no matter whether you are a complete beginner, or a top World Professional.  As with “Custom Fitting”, lessons are not just to improve your game and make you a better golfer, the Professional will be able to spot faults in your swing/game that could be injurious to your health.  The longer you leave it to have a lesson to sort out any problems with your game, the longer it will be for you to become better.

In taking up the game of golf, try and take lessons at regular intervals, for example once a week, or once every two weeks, but try not to go long periods without lessons.

“Fact to Remember”

Even Tiger Woods, World Number One Professional Golfer, has lessons everyday!


 As with everything “Practice makes Perfect!”, and more so with the game of Golf.  In order to improve, combine regular practice with regular lessons. You will then have the most fulfilment and fun with your game.

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