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The Ball Position

  A correctly positioned ball is necessary for a square contact at impact. The location of the golf ball affects both your shoulder alignment and the steepness of your swing. If the ball is too far forward in your stance (towards your left foot), your chest must turn toward the target so that you can sole your club head behind the ball. This “opens” your shoulders and because the club swings where the shoulders point, you will have a slicer´s swing path—steep and outside-to-in.

If you locate the ball too far back in your stance (towards your right foot) than your chest must point to the right of the target, “closing” your shoulders and creating a flat, inside-to-out swing path. That´s not you want either.


With an iron, your club face contacts the ball just before it reaches the bottom of the swing arc. So the ball should be places in the center of your stance. With a fairway wood you will hit the ball slightly on the upswing, so make sure the ball is positioned a bit left of your stance center.

When using the driver position the ball just inside the left heel and feel about 60% of your weight is on the right side. This will help you to keep your shoulders square at the set-up position and give you a feeling of playing from an uphill slope, with the right shoulder slightly lower than left.

 On the Tee: When you hit your irons from the teeing ground, the rules allow you to place the ball on a tee. But be careful not to tee your irons or fairway woods too high in this situation. If you do, you will have a too high contact on your club face and hit weak shots with too much loft. The proper teeing height for an iron or fairway wood is just high enough off the ground that the thin part of a tee can fit between grass and ball.


The tee hight for your driver should be so that the half of the ball is over the top edge of the club head. The ball nice and high on the tee will encourage you to sweep the ball from “inside” the target line. In order to get more distance try to leave the tee in the ground when you hit the ball.


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