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Chipping - 3 Ball Positions

One club for three different chip shots.

If you are currently suffering from a loss in confidence or are new in the golf game and looking to develop a consistend chipping technique, the answer is to use your pitching wedge for trouble-free shots around the green. Simply moving the ball back or forward in your stance will increase or decrease the loft of your wedge. You just concentrate on producing exactly the same movement for each shot—wheather it is a low runner or one requiring loft.

Better chipping with the right equipment.

The type of club and the ball you use can have influence on your chip results. Nearly all good players prefer a forged clubhead and a ball with a relatively soft cover to enable them to “feel” the shot off the club face.

The ball position furthest back in the stance, just inside the right heel, will decrease the loft of the clubface to produce a low running shot—ideal for when you have a lot of green to cover before reachnig the hole.

The centrally-positioned ball will produce enough elevation for it to fly a short distance and enough momentum to roll out to the hole.


Positioned just inside the left heel will produce a high ball flight. This is the one you want when you have to play over hazards or there are several meters of grass between ball and green.

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