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A Good Stance

A good stance is of great importance to a good golf swing. You are making an athletic motion when you swing a golf club, so it is vital that you are in an athletic position, ready to swing the club to the best of your ability.

Stand tall with your heels about shoulder width apart. Bend slightly from the top of your hips, keeping your back straight and letting your rear stick out. Let your arms hang down. Keep your chin up. Look at the ball with the bottom of your eyes as much as possible. Let your right side (for right-handed golfers) tilt slightly lower than the left. Keep your weight equal and slightly toward the forward part of both feet.

Now relax the knees slightly. This is key. Make sure that when you relax the knees you keep your rear sticking out. Avoid that sitting down position that makes it hard to shift your weight properly. A proper stance and posture means the right position for the most effective golf swing. Practice the proper stance in front of a mirror and memorize its feel.


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