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The Bunker Shot

Most people are “afraid” of bunker shots. But this kind of shot is one of the easiest shot in golf (only if the ball sits nicely on the top of the sand).

Remember that the rule number one in the bunker is always to get the ball out on your first attempt. To do so you need a good technique and the right club.  The

Correct club is a sand wedge, specially designed to make bunker play easy. It was invented by Gene Sarazen in 1931, who soldered lead on the bottom of his pitching wedge, or what was then known as a “niblick”, so its leading edge wouldn´t dig into the sand. So effective was his invention that he kept a towel over his bag to prevent his opponents from copying his “secret weapon”.

- Position the ball forward in your stance (to your left heel).

  • Open your club face and than take your grip.
  • Open your stance (feet line points left of the flag). The club face should aim now to the flag.
  • Stand further from the ball and dig your feet into the sand to lower the bottom of your swing arc.
  • Distribute more body weight on your left foot
  • Swing down your shoulder line and keep your weight on your left side


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